Private Guitar or Ukulele Lessons

Taught by experienced teachers at ViBO Music School, our private guitar or ukulele lessons provide the most individualized attention and accelerated learning. For beginners, you will learn basic posture, fundamental chords, strumming patterns, and well known songs from different genres. Learn how to read guitar music and how to interpret sheet music downloaded from the internet. For intermediate/advance students, we will focus more on music theory such as learning scale, chord formations and how to apply to the guitar. During lessons we will cover chords, rhythms ("strumming"), theory, self-accompaniment and soloing. Students will be playing in no time, and we will learn Hawaiian folk songs, pop tunes, and much more. For more information or to rent an instrument, please contact ViBO Music at (650) 877-0805. PLEASE NOTE: Upon registration, please email Kevin Sanchez ( to let him know if you will be taking guitar lessons or ukulele lessons.

Age Range: 5+