International Spy School

This course is for the explorer who wants to travel the world training to be a future secret agent. The class will highlight geography, history, and culture as we explore destinations such as Italy, South Africa, France, and Japan. Agents will complete games, puzzles, and riddles to fulfill each mission. Imagination will flow as each team develops a new gadget to add to the agent tool box. The course will focus on problem solving, collaboration, and strategy to fulfill each mission. There will be an understanding that becoming a spy agent takes hard work including intelligence, creativity, mental fitness, and physical stamina.
Do you dream of exploring the world? Join the international spy school to explore destinations such as Italy, Japan, and South Africa to complete top secret missions. Demonstrate you have the creativity, mental fitness, and physical stamina to graduate and receive a diploma.

Why Kids Will Love It:

  • Show your innovation skills and create a special gadget for the secret agent tool box.

  • Demonstrate your physical stamina by completing challenging obstacle courses. 

  • Work in teams to complete each mission by solving clues, puzzles and games.

Why It’s Essential:

  • Students gain global awareness as they explore new countries each week.

  • Each mission requires critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration.

Age Range: 8-10

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