Chess Wizards Rad Rooks

Welcome to Chess Wizards Online! Chess Wizards is one of the nation's premier chess education companies and our mission is to make learning chess fun and exciting for kids. Chess Wizards Online is designed to be an enjoyable and valuable experience for our students. This class is designed for students who find 1-move puzzles to be easy. They can name and demonstrate all major tactical themes, and set up combinations or escape them. They see the whole board, 2+ moves ahead. They create their own game plans and make less goofy mistakes. Students should be able to demonstrate all tactical themes, solve most 1-move puzzles, know basic opening strategies, and win simple endgames. In this class, students will learn more openings and endgames, etc. To determine your child's skill level, please visit the link:

Age Range: 5-11

There aren't any sections of Chess Wizards Rad Rooks currently scheduled.