Pop Pilates EXPRESS with Kim

This is a 30 minute express Pop Pilates class. Playlist will compliment the Monday 45 minute class and is a perfect way to get your core work in after Zumba or on its own. Pop Pilates is inspired by classical Pilates, and it's a full-body cardio, strength, and flexibility workout using nothing but your own bodyweight and a yoga mat. Created by Youtube fitness guru, Cassey Ho, Founder of Blogilates. Its "Dancing on the mat" Movements flow rhythmically from one set to the next to upbeat, pop-style music. POP Pilates is where strength meets flexibility. You can expect to work on developing a rock-solid core while leaving no muscle area untouched. Bring a thick and oversized yoga mat and a water bottle and expect to take class barefoot or with grippy socks. Location is to be announced.

Age Range: 13+